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  1. It seems that while this isn't a solution, the subreport appears correctly if you export the file as a PDF it just won't show the values on the web server.
  2. Hello all, I'm just trying to tie up some lose ends on our report server, if the current owner of a schedule is removed from the domain, will there schedules still run or will they need to be recreated? Thanks
  3. So I figured out where I was going wrong. I shouldn't have ever been using the T: or file:\ instead I need to make use of the actual server that the file was stored on so \server2folderfile.csv this has now worked and I can update the file freely.
  4. Hello, I was wondering how to use a CSV as a datasource, I've managed to get it working on the server, but whenever I make changes to the CSV these are not shown in the report. I've tracked this down to whenever I publish report it will also save a copy of the CSV file to the server, which I'm assuming it then looks at. How can I instead have it look at an XML without it needing that 'local' copy? I've tried making use of file//pathtofile, but this causes the same problem. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: What is also strange to me, is when I preview in studio even though the report is looking at the XML file stored on the server, whenever I run this it shows the changes in the CSV file no problem.
  5. Hello, I currently have two reports, both of which have a subreport. The dataset for each main report and the subreport is exactly the same. The subreport simply returns the name of an employee based on their ID within the main report. The first report works fine and correctly returns the employee name, however my second report is only returning the data from the main dataset. The second report works fine within the preview. The only real difference between the two is that the second report ask for an order id so that you are able to see which employee dealt with the order, but as I said this works fine within the preview. I've attached how the folders are structured on the server. Within both main files the subreport is called using "repo:subreport2.jrxml"
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