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is jasperReport suitable for my needs

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By: Mairead Fagan - peggynelly

is jasperReport suitable for my needs

2002-08-08 02:35


I have been given the task of finding a reporting tool suitable for the project we are working on at the moment.The project uses EJBs,Oracle db and will be running on Linex.It is a web based project that will roster nurses in a hospital setting.So the reporting tool will e.g list the nurses tht worked on a particular ward on a given date. etc.

Can anyone tell me is this tool suitable.As i am a junior programmer my knowledge is limited.

Thank u




By: Peter Kelley - yellekau

RE: is jasperReport suitable for my needs

2002-08-08 02:49

How are you wanting to do the reporting ?


If direct to the database then use Jasper Reports, possibly using a servlet to get web capability.


If you want to report from your EJB's then use something like webwork (on sourceforge under opensymphony) coupled with Jasper.


Either way Jasper Reports is an excellent tool.

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