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PDF line spacing is different in Windows and IBM i


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Hello everyone,

I am using jasperreports 6.8.0 with itext-2.1.7.js6.jar and itext-asian-5.2.0.jar.
When export a pdf report in local environment (Windows 10, WebSphere Application Server traditional 9.0), it works correctly. But export in server environment (IBM i 7.3, WebSphere Application Server traditional 9.0), some text fields could not show data and becomes blank.
Seems like line spacing setting does not work properly, space between two lines in report exported form server environment is wider than local one.
I am using lineSpacing = "Fixed" and lineSpacingSize = "8.0".

I would like to request any suggestions to resolve this.
Thanks in Advance.

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Thank you for reply.

Could it be a difference in the deployed fonts?
>> I deployed same fonts (MS Mincho.ttc, MS Gothic.ttc) and font face is exactly same in both reports.
    Although using same font, some fields can display and so could not.
    It could display if discreased the font size or increased the height of label/text field.
    PS. In IBM i 6.1, it works correctly. Facing this problem after upgraded to IBM i 7.3.

Do the reports look correct in Studio?
>> Yes, it look correct.

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