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Formatting of text field for PowerPoint export


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Hello all,

I am using Jasper Studio and facing problem in formatting of text fields while exporting the report in .pptx format.

My scenario is:

I am displaying simple tabular format data where I have kept column headers(static text) in "Column Header" band and text fields to display corresponding values in "Detail" band.

There are 6 columns and one of the column has large no. of data which doesn't fit in cell while exporting in .pptx format.

I have selected "stretch with overflow" option for all text fields and selected stretch type as "Relative to tallest object". Strangely when I preview the report, it looks perfect with stretched text field to the max till data lasts but when I export it to PowerPoint format, it breaks and data overflows to next row.

While exporting the same in PDF format, it again works fine.

Do we have any properties for PowerPoint export or is it a limitation of Jaspersoft?

Please let me know.

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Jasper studio is really only fit for PDF export, since what you see is what you get.

The preview is not accurate since it will also show you what's in Jasper studio, it doesn't necessarily mean that's what you'll get when exporting to other formats. For example Excel color codes are very limited, some colours you have created in Jasper studio won't render properly when exporting to Excel, but they show perfectly well in the preview.

There are a lot of limitations for Excel export, so I guess it's the same for PowerPoint export as well..

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