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Dynamically creating columns


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I have to create a jasper report where in I have one fixed column with fixed field names but remianing columns can vary based on what product the end user selects.

So I will have FieldName , FieldValue,FieldValue, ...,FieldValue(n) columns.

The FieldValue fields are calculated on the fly based on the products.

I searched on the net about it and most of the threads are dated back in 2006. They asked to use Valocity with Jasper to create Dynamic columns but I do not have example.

Any pointer as to how to create such columns in this case? In my project we use .jrxml files.





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So I think you could actually use a crosstab. This is stretching automatically to the right depending on the results of your query.

Otherwise you could also use the fill direction  "horizontal" instread of default "vertical" and use a multi column report. So that each result would be printed from left to right.

just give it a try

hth + regards



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