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Problem in jasper pdf for non-english characters


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I am using jasper report 6.0.0 with jdk 1.7.0_25 and iReport 4..1.1 as IDE for add/edit the reports. 

I am using the Arial fonts in my report and it is working fine when i am viewing the report on browser or while exporting the report in excel with either english or non-english characters in it. 

The real problem start when i am trying to export the report in pdf with non-english characters in it.  The exported pdf is showing only english characters but it is unable to show the non-english characters in it.

In the exported pdf, there is a blank being displayed for non-english characters. 

I have also gone through google search and find a solution of font extension and implemented the same. 

In this approach, i have placed the jar file in the classpath of my application and set the value of font as DejaVu Sans. After implementing this method, there is a partial support for non-english characters. 

It is not showing the characters in full for non-english languages(hindi, chinese, japanese etc.)


The languages which i am using in my application : Arabic,Mandarin,Dutch,English-UK,English-US,French,German,Hindi,Japanese,Portuguese,Spanish,Italian,Norwegian,Russian,Romanian,Turkish,Ukranian. 


So, i am looking for a common solution in which the fonts of above mentioned languages can be incorportated in the exported pdf.

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Not sure whether the DejaVuSans includes all glyphs... but There is a laaaaaarge Arial_Unicode.ttf  that includes many many languages... perhaps you could try this one. Also be aware of the Pdf-Encoding... normally you set it to CP1252 or something else corresponding to the target language. I guess you should change this to IDENTITY-H.

not for sure, but worth giving it a try

hth + regards


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