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Subreport in column footer


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I'm using TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio 6.8.0 , Community Edition. I have 2 problems:

1) if i place something in the column footer, this is printed below the Summary band: i tried to activate the check "Float Column Footer" as suggested in some posts here in StackOverflow, the position of a text in the column footer is changed but always under the Summary.

2) if i place a subreport in the column footer, trying a preview i get the error "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: Subreport overflowed on a band that does not support overflow."

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The summary band is on of the last band in the report design..so I guess you are mixing up some things.

Just put some different colored lines into your column footerband and also in the summary band just to see what band are rendered in what order.

Using a subreport in a static band isn't a good idea. If your subreport has a dynamic height just use groupfooters instead of columnfooter.


Otherwise just post your jrxmls to take an eye on it.



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