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Upgraded to 7.1 and finding that Reports with punctuation in the title field produce error when saving in EXCEL


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Finding that the report generates fine but when you try to export the report to EXCEL it produces errors that it will try and fix the workbook.  When I remove the issue which is a /  it works fine.  This wasn't an issue with our reports before the upgrade. Seems that / and &  are issues but could be any punctuation.  Is this an outstanding issue or is there a solution to resolve this?


The TITLE line in the report is   Hard/Soft Credited Transactions      produces the error.  But changing it to    Hard and Soft Credited Transactions    solves the problem.


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if you are getting an error like "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid char (/) found at index (21) in sheet name 'blah/blah'" in the stack trace, then yes it is an outstanding problem that currently has no fix for 7.1 (reference incident tickets JS-32417 and JRL-1083).   The excel exporter does not allow unsupported characters in sheet names ( : / ? * [ or ] ). Although, I didn't think the ampersand would fail also, but if it failed with the same error then it would be in the same category. There is no absolute certainty as when there will be a fix given the low impact.  


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