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Accessing return variables within nested datasets


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I have a list object that has a nested subreport that is called for each row in the list dataset As far as I understand any return variables I define on the subreport will be returned to the main report. Is it possible to access the return variables within the list itself so that I can pass the value returned each time to the next calling of the subreport?

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I guess you should better use a SubReport instead of a ListElement, then you should have access to the ReturnVariable for each calling record. But be aware with page-breaks and so on... if the SubReport breaks the page, it won't return it's (current) variable content... just after it has finished. For using CarryOvers for example it could become difficult. But there are some "new"  evaluation times (e.g. MASTER) that could help in this case.

Mixing ListElements and SubReport was always a pain when I remember right, so that's why I prefer using SubReports - but this is of course just my personal opinion. ;-)

hth + regards


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