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How to pass parameters to a drill down report


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I have a report (MAIN) that drills down to another report (DRILLTO).   I have created the hyperlink in MAIN . As a result, the DRILLTO report is launching as expected but non of my paramaters from MAIN are passed to DRILLTO report.

I have defined all the paramaters in MAIN in the 'HYPERLNK' tab including the "_report" that i want to pass to DRILLTO.    The same parameters appear in DRILLTO report except the "_report" parameter.


NAME                                      EXPRESSION

_report                                     "/reports/DRILLTO"

DRILLMONTH                    $F{COLLECT_DATE}

REGIONID                           $P{REGIONID}

DRILLTO contains DRILLMONTH amd REGIONID defined as paramaters.   


DRILLTO report opens as expected, but they are not being pulled into the DRILLTO report for some reason.

I checked my URL for the DRILLTO and i do see all my parameter values in there..

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