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We are using Jasper 6.4.0 and exporting PDFs with embedded fonts. The fonts show up as embedded subsets, not the full characterset of each font. Is there any way to change this setting in JasperReports so that the full fonts are embedded? This is a customer requirement. Here is what the font family looks like:

<fontFamily name="SourceSansProLight">    <normal><![CDATA[fonts/SourceSansProLight/SourceSansPro-Light.ttf]]></normal>    <pdfEncoding><![CDATA[identity-H]]></pdfEncoding>    <pdfEmbedded><![CDATA[true]]></pdfEmbedded>    <exportFonts/></fontFamily>[/code]

If anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you in advance!

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I have only seen PDF with embedded subset fonts because the report doesn't need all the characters for it to display. From what I found out, having the full characterset of the fonts embedded will make the PDF file size bigger...so not sure what the real advantage of having this requirement. 

There was an old post raised a while ago. Not sure whether it will work or not but you can review it and give it a try :


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