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Image can not be printed. ( only one time over 2 years)


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Hi everyone

We have a Java web application with jasperReport.

On the past 2 years , it works OK.

But this month , an image can not be printed on the PDF. (Only one time. Now it works ok.)

We are sure of that is not logic miss, bucause this image should be printed any time without any condition.

We confirmed log file , and fund nothing.

Can anyone give me some suggesttion?



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It could be environmentally related as oppose to logic... preventing the image from rendering at time of print. But environmental problems can be a lot of things. 

If the jasperserver log doesn't show any thing then you may want to consider whether it is worthwhile to get to the bottom of an issue that occurred once in 2 years. You can simply print it again.   The concern is when it actually happens a lot more frequently enough to cause user pain.

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