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Multiple Choice: Column Visibility based on input parameter


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Good Day, 

I am working on a report where I would like to offer the end user default column visibility options.  I am not utilizing a table, I am utilizing fields in a ColumnHeader/Detail band(s).  Due to this I cannot utilize the "Print When" property--when I do, it will work (mostly) but the space where the field is does not collapse.The reason for this is that I am utilizing the "ShowHide" property to also allow the End User some flexibility in the columns they get with any option selection; this also complicates the use of the "Show/Hide" if the option is not selected (these are user prompted parameters with defaults).

My report has four (4) base options, each with its selection of columns.  I considered utilizing cascading parameters; however, I am not on a jasper server.  I considered using sub-reports; however, my vendor software does not support sub-reports; I have considered four JRXML files as separate reports; however, the code is not currently a stored procedure and I am unsure that I want to go to that level at this time--I will if that is the only solution.

I am working in iReport 5.6.0.  Do you have a recommendation for a solution that I have not thought of?  Or maybe my assumptions above are incorrect and you can provide me with better information to make this work?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide. 


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