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Help needed on Chinese language support

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By: Z Yan - magicboy

Help needed on Chinese language support

2002-07-22 08:49

Hi all,


We are evaluating JasperReports at the moment and experiencing some problems to produce the PDFs with Chinese language support. We have downloaded the STSongStd-Light-Acro.otf file from Adobe following the instructions from iText tutorial but failed to get the PDF created. Borrowing from the Unicode demo that comes with the JasperReports distribution, the font name we used in the report design is "STSongStd-Light-Acro", and "STSongStd-Light-Acro.otf" for pdfFontName. However we are not sure about the value that should be set for the pdfEncoding attribute.


Could anyone please point us to the right direction, or better provide us with any working sample report design and code etc.


Thanks in advance


Z Yan



By: Vincent Chu - centrix

RE: Help needed on Chinese language support

2002-07-22 21:50

Hi Z Yan,


I'm success to use jasper report with chinese language, but only success for static context, when dynamic content, it can't display the chinese language successfully.


in the xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Big5"?>


<reportFont name="abc" isDefault="true" fontName="abc" size="12" pdfFontName="MHei-Medium" pdfEncoding="UniCNS-UCS2-H" isPdfEmbedded="false"/>


you can try, i just know this font is success to display chinese language.




By: Paulo Soares - psoares33

RE: Help needed on Chinese language support

2002-07-23 01:50

The font name is STSongStd-Light and the encoding UniGB-UCS2-H. You'll have to use itext93b for this. Alternatively you can use the font arialuni.ttf with the encoding Identity-H.



By: Joseph Wu - thwu

RE: Help needed on Chinese language support

2002-07-29 19:59

If I use "ant view", I can't get chinese in JasperViewer. But, if I use "ant pdf", I still can get chinese in pdf.


Where might be wrong?

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