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My jasper server is unable to start in localhost in both google chrome and mozilla firefox


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Hi Deo, 

You need to get your server up and running correctly first. 
You need to give us more information. 
You have server install on Windows or Linux? 
Did you use the normal jasper installer or did your use the WAR deploy?
Which server are you deploying on? Apache ? 
Are you using Pro or CE ? 

If Apache, you need to check the log files. 
Look into the catalina log files, 
You should get some meanigfull errors in here. 
This is the only way to troubleshoot the server so, either the server is not starting up or not deploying jasperserver.
Also sometime the server does run, but jasperserver deployment had issues. 
So if you cannot reach http://localhost:8082/jasperserver (ussualy the basic url), then no jasperserver deployed or being blocked. 
Or check if apache is atleast running http://localhost:8082 , you should get apache page if successfully started. Remember to refresh browser, as sometimes it caches the page. 

But the log files would tell you if server is running or not. 


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