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Jasper report bar charts with list


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I'm trying to do a report in Jasper and I want a bar chart. As parameter I have an object that contains a list of objects (label/value) that I want to do the chart. The problem is I don't know how I plot the chart with this list. For example:

I have the following object: 

public class ChartField {    private String name;    private double value;    public ChartField(String name, double value) {        this.name = name;        this.value = value;    }    public String getName() {        return name;    }    public void setName(String name) {        this.name = name;    }    public double getValue() {        return value;    }    public void setValue(double value) {        this.value = value;    }}[/code]


public class Person{   private String name;   private List<ChartField> chart;  public String getName(){    return name;  }  public List<ChartField> getChart(){    return chart;  }}[/code]

So for jasper I pass as datasource a list of Person.

The ideia is to each person I want to plot a bar chart with the list of ChartFields.

Can anyone advice me how to do this? Thanks

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