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Asia Font problems


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All the Asia Fonts are showed as blank in the PDF. I had tried  to make a font extention by following the procedure that introduce in the Font Extention page. Then I imported the font extention jar package into the project and restarted the server. But it didn`t work and throwed an exception :

Font "STsong2" is not available to the JVM. See the Javadoc for more details.

I was infomed that the JVM doesn`t have the target font STsong2.  Then I put the font file into the classpath. It still throwed the same exception. 

So, how can I fix this issue by font extention or other convenience way?

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The font jar file needs to be added to ../WEB-INF/lib directory (followed by a JR server restart)

For reports in PDF, add the jar to the report as a resource. See this section:

9.3 Deploying Font Extensions to JasperReports Server

from the Studio User guide 


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