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Jaspersoft 6.3 intall on ORACLE12c with CDB/PDB


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I am trying intall Jaspersoft 6.3 in Oracle12c RAC with CDB/PDB

The useer is C##jasperserver as descibred in this DOC. https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server-installation-guide/v630/installing-war-file-using-js


But the isntall not complete, occur errors to create user and this information is showed in the log.


     [echo] About to validate JDBC jar existence
     [echo]   Look in: C:/UTIL/Jasper_6_3Instalador_2/buildomatic/conf_source/db/oracle/jdbc
     [echo]   Found jar file: assuming OK
     [echo]   Jar or Jars found: TIoracle-5.14.2.jar;jasperreports-pro-6.0.0.jar
[advanced-sql] Executing commands
[advanced-sql] Failed to execute:  create user c##jasperserver identified by jasper00

C:UTILJasper_6_3Instalador_2buildomaticbindb-common.xml:1010: The following error occurred while executing this lin
C:UTILJasper_6_3Instalador_2buildomaticbindb-common.xml:1057: The following error occurred while executing this lin
C:UTILJasper_6_3Instalador_2buildomaticbindb-common.xml:1081: The following error occurred while executing this lin
C:UTILJasper_6_3Instalador_2buildomaticconf_sourcedboracledb.xml:40: The following error occurred while executing
 this line:
C:UTILJasper_6_3Instalador_2buildomaticbinapp-server.xml:60: java.sql.SQLException: [TibcoSoftwareInc][Oracle JDBC
Driver][Oracle]ORA-12828: Can't start parallel transaction at a remote site.


Someone has idea of how to resolve this problem?



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I never got 6.3 working with 12c.What version are you using? The supported platforms datasheet is not clear (simply says 12c).

The notes you are referring to are suggetsing this is installed in the contaner database? Is that what you are trying to do? Try switching to the plugin and using a normal local user to that database.

Sorry can;t be of much more help. About to start looking at 7.1 and Oracle, so I'll update if I find anything.

As a side issue... We're an Oracle site but I'm thinking about not using Oracle for the repository. Any views? Why have you decided to persist with Oracle as the repository database?


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HI Andrew,


The version os database is Oracle 12c Enterprise R1 (RAC) ans really the matrix is not clear about it.

I am already install in Oracle 11G and worked fine.


I need install in ORACLE, because my customer has ORACLE as default SGDB in corporate, but I trust the wors fine.



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