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JasperReports, LGPL license, and iText 2.1.7


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Hello JasperReports community,

I have a licensing question i was hoping someone can help clarify for me.

JasperReports Community is licensed as LGPL, however, it relies on iText 2.1.7 which is known to have licensing issues: https://developers.itextpdf.com/question/versions-older-than-5

Through reviewing the pom, i see JasperReports relies on a custom modified version of iText 2.1.7 (itext2.1.7.js6.jar). Does this custom jar remove the licensing issues that the itext warn about in the earlier link? Or does it still carry the same risks, even when i include the LGPL JasperReports software in my application?




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We are using a custom version of iText 2.1.7 because we have fixed a couple of issues and made some improvements in the way certain types of fonts work (ligatures).

We have made these modifications under the terms of the LGPL/MPL, under which the original iText 2.1.7 was release.

We are not aware of any licensing issue with regards to iText 2.1.7 and so far the company behind iText did not provide details about the problems they found in it.

They encourage people to move to iText 5+, which can no longer be used in commercial products unless commercial license is purchased from them. This might explain their current stance on 2.1.7.




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