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Report Generation with Single row when SQL Query is returning Multiple Records.

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Hi Team,

A Sql Query is returning the below results in the report :

 -----------                     ------------
        Steel                   90+ day
        Steel                   90+ day
        Infra                   90+ day
        Coated               90+ day
        Coated               90+ day
        Steel                  90+ day
        Steel                 90+ day
        Steel                 90+ day
        Steel                 90+ day
        Cement             90+ day
        Steel                 90+ day

I am able to generate the above results successfully. 

But i want report as below table format :

COMPANYNAME    90+day Count
 ===========    ============
                Steel                7
                Infra                1
                Coated             2
                Cement            1

Could you please syggest me step by step.

Thank you.

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 I have tried with Crosstab. I am able to generate the table as what I needed below. 

 Company Bucket
 Steel 7


But the problem is, this table is generating one time per each page. Means its genrating multiple times. I dont want multiple times. I need only one page which contains the above table. 

Please suggest me, where i am doing wrong ?

Thank you.

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