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Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.3.0 support JIRA JSON Caching/Batching of the records?


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Have a business requirement to produce reports via Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.3.0 and my datasource is Jira v7.1.1

Come into an issue with Jira. MaxResults that can be returned from Jira Cloud REST API is 1000 records (JSON File). In some situation I need to bring back 2500 (JSON File) records. How can I get to these records with Jasper?

I'm using the Jaspersoft Data Adapter = 'JSON File'. I can get my Jasper Report to bring back 100 or 150 records by changing the MaxResults in the call to Jira.

Does Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.3.0 support JSON Caching/Batching of the records? How can get Jaspersoft Professional 6.3.0 to read more than 1000 records?

Have found a solution a solution via a third party product (CData-JDBC-Jira Driver). Has anyone been able to do this without paying for a third party product?


We are also using Jasper Reports Server 6.3.0. If there is anyway to utilize these technolgies. I'm interested to hear from people?

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