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Disabling everything.


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One of the reasons we have avoided using Jasper for many years is its large footprint, including Apache Tomcat. In the web based systems we develop we need to produce PDF reports and occassionally Excel spreadsheets on demand.


We are control freaks and as such we do not want any user anywhere to have access to the Jasper UI. The reporting model we have used is one in which a small group of DLLs are installed on the webserver, and ".rdl" files are loaded to the server (fyiReporting). Unfortunately this open source project has languished, and as a small shop we don't have the resources to take over maintenance ourselves.


Is there any way to completely remove the User Interface from Jasper Reports?


I posted another question asking something similar, but have gotten a dearth of responses I understand.

What would be the ultimate solution would be somethiong in a conf file that says "enable-User-interface=yes/no"

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Thanks for the links. It does not answer the question the question, "If I disable access to the "/jasperserver" folder/url how will the actual reports which appear to be under that folder run?" 

Since this is running in a windows environment, can I use the IIServer to accomplish the same thing?

BTW, telling someone to do something without providing a instructions or a link to instructions on how to accomplish it is kind of useless. 

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