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I am trying to build JasperIntelligence using the source that is zipped for download. However I cannot find the Jasperserver-Repo files needed to do the build. How can I access this.


Also the build is looking for JasperReports 1.2.3. I had thought that Jasper Intelligence is using 1.2.4.

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JasperReports 1.2.4 came out a little after JI 1.0 was released (if I'm remembering correctly). So, probably best to use 1.2.3 (although if the appropriate pom.xml is updated then you could point to 1.2.4).


Hmmm, jasperserver-repo not there. I'll take a look at this. It's available from the svn source on jasperforge.org and jasperintel.sourceforge.net (can do a browse to take a look). But perhaps that's a bit out of date for JI 1.0.


I will be collecting the JI 1.0 source to put into svn and adding to jasperforge. So, hopefully it'll be there in the next couple of days. Also, I'll take a look at a quicker way to get jasperserver-repo to you if an up to date enough version is not there.



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