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How to embedd the upper ß Letter (German)?


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We are an Java developing company working on student's documents made of jasperreports for years now and now, the federal state has invented a new letter: The upper ß, Unicode u1E9E.

The problem is that it doesn't appear on any pdf deocuments we generate. Neither on a static text nor on a text field, which are all set to Arial or Arial Bold.

Is there a solution for that? Maybe embedd a new font in pdf generation?

We use the jasperreports library for java version 6.4.2 and the newest Jaspersoft Studio version.

The thing is, when I export the report to DOCX, the upper ß appears.

is there a quick fix?


thank in advance

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For PDF you'll need to use a font extension with a font that supports U+1E9E.

The DejaVu fonts included in the jasperreports-fonts extension do not support the character, but the last version of the fonts (which can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/dejavu/files/) do include a glyph for U+1E9E, so you can create your own font extension using the latest DejaVu fonts.

You can also log a bug/enhancement request in the trackers to update the DejaVu fonts shipped in jasperreports-fonts.



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Thank you for the answer. But it doesnt help if I embedd that font into Jaspersrudio. The problem is, what I see, the old iText Libary that jasper uses for pdf generation. On the installation details of jaspersoft, it sais its 2.4.1, which is very old. The iText library includes the Helvetica font which is from 2013. The bewer versions of itext are not for free anymoew. What can I do?

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You need to enable PDF embedding for the font that you want to use.

Also, if you want to use a newer version of DejaVu, it's probably safer to change the name of the font family because Jaspersoft Studio comes with builtin DejaVu Sans/Serif font extensions, and if you add a new font extension with the same name there's a risk of confusion.  So when you add the new DejaVu Sans font in Jaspersoft Studio, change the family name to something like "DejaVu Sans New" and use that font name in reports.

Fwiw, I'm attaching a PDF that uses the most recent DejaVu Sans font to display U+1E9E (and U+00DF for reference).


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