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can someone explain how to report multiple items on order


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my sql is fairly simple


select concat(a.invoice_prefix, a.invoice_no) as Invoice, a.order_id as OrderNo, a.email as Email, a.date_added as DateAdded, a.telephone as Phone, a.payment_method as PaymentMethod, concat( a.firstname, ' ', a.lastname) as Customer ,  a.payment_address_1 as Address , concat(a.payment_city,  a.payment_postcode) as City, a.comment as CollectionDate, c.name as Product,  c.quantity as QtyorWeight,  c.price as Price,  c.total as Total   from  oc_order as a,  oc_order_product as c where a.order_id = c.order_id and STR_TO_DATE(a.comment, '%d/%m/%y') = cast($P{CollectionDate} as date)

i had included group by order_id whn creating this sql in the wizard but it seems to have missed this...


i am testing an order with 3 items ... but it seems only to have printed one item...


can someone explain how i get all the data for one order on one page but at the bottom of the page individual items listed one after another...





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