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custom datasource in the jasper report


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we are trying to pass a custom data source (postgresql function) to a jasper report from servlet. the code in the servlet is as follows:

    Map<String, Object> hm = new HashMap<String, Object>();    JRDataSource datasource =  new PostgreSqlDatasource(conectionn, string1,     string2, string3);    hm.put("report_custom_DataSource", datasource );

we have a parameter named report_custom_DataSource in the jrxml report , which is of type jr datasource. but this approach is not passing the required datasource to the report , as a result the report is not rendering on the UI . Please let us know the correct way to pass a custom data source to a jasper report.

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while this approach works , if we have hard coded values in the data source class, and the report renders fine with these values. the question is how to get values from a postgresql database function/procedure. we need certain parameters to be passed from the report to the function, so that data is generated dynamically. 

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