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Jasper reports - Resource bundle not working with utf8


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I have a report, that has been internationalized. I have added the resource bundles (.properties) files on server and the reports are reading them too.

However, the characters other than english are not recognized. For example in burmese, the word Field Staff is "Équipe de terrain" but to me it appears as "Ãquipe de terrain". This is how it looks

enter image description here

The way the report is used is we code the jrxml and then publish it into the jasper server and from the server the report is called through its URL. That's it

So where must I configure the utf8?

In my jrxml the field names have been changed to new String($R{FieldStaff}.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), "UTF-8"). But I am not able to achieve this with input control localization

Any help on this would be of great help

Thanks Rathi

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Thanks for you idea
new String($R{FieldStaff}.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), "UTF-8") this work for me. 
I'm trying to show Thai Language. But your this expression work for me. 

And yes I'm using Thai font for showing that. Otherwise its break character. You have to use font file for showing it.

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