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iReport 5.6 : Not able to add Derby database connection


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I am trying to add derby database connection to iReport 5.6v but getting below exception when I click on Test.


ClassNotFoundError! Msg: org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver Possible not found class: org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver


1.Tried adding derby client jar from Tools-> Options-> Classpath -> Add jar -Did not work

2.Tried adding jar directly to iReport-5.6.0ireportmodulesext -Did not work. I


s there any other configuration that is required?

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Please try with lower versions of Apache Derby  DB JDK 

Faced similar issue with jasper reports server 7.8.0 community edition, Derby 10.15, compatible with JDK 9+ was not loading.


Workaround: Use Derby 10.14,  compatible with JDK 8+, and Derby DB loads.



Error seen in logs: jar file has been built with version 53 and higher, can read only version  52 and lower

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