JasperReports® Server

Self-service Reporting and Analysis Server

JasperReports® Server Community Edition Service Pack (v7.8.1)

Published: 2021-Sep-24


This Service Pack should be applied to JasperReports Server version [7.8.0] Build version [20210726_1127].

This archive contains hotfixes for JasperReports Server in the following areas:

  • JasperReports Server web application
  • JasperReports Server buildomatic installation and configuration tool

Critical Security Upgrade

This release addresses a critical security vulnerability. We strongly recommend that all customers install this upgrade release on all platforms.

See https://www.tibco.com/services/support/advisories for further information about the vulnerability, how to limit exposure to it, and steps to ensure the successful elimination of the vulnerability using this release.

Legal Notice

This Service Pack is provided pursuant to the terms and conditions of the written maintenance and support agreement between you (or your company) and TIBCO Jaspersoft; the use of the Service Pack is controlled by the terms of such written maintenance and support agreement.

Closed Issues

This Service Pack addresses the following issues(s):

  • JS-34822 [case #01796955] HTTP API: mandatory IC assigns first value to parameter regardless of user input; output=pdf only
  • JS-59254 Always Prompt Input Control Flag not Working
  • JS-59259 Dashboard:Visualize: Parameter mapping is broken in Sample Dashboard 3.1_Sales_Metrics
  • JS-59480 A cache issue exists which prevents the visualize.js code to display correctly
  • JS-59321 [case #1891086] JRS 7.5 Single Select IC Display Problem in Firefox (v79)
  • JS-59736 [case 01897036] domain involving 2 schemas with same table name results in import error and dup fields
  • JS-59450 Scheduled Report Parameters not Saving
  • JS-59709 Report execution failed with cascade input control error in JRS 7.8.0
  • JS-59935 Following cascading Input Controls loses its values after selecting 2nd Input Control value
  • JS-60101 Scheduler: Unable to edit and save scheduler job when report name changed
  • JS-60104 Report Option, Scheduler: Incorrect saved value when run report option in background or scheduled
  • JS-60148 Dashboard hyperlink is not working in VisualizeJS
  • JS-34299 [case 01651927 + 1] Scheduler - Dashboard does not refresh dependent input controls in a cascade when master control is changed
  • JS-59998 [Case #1900719] Import into a different Org via GUI fails due to a missing keyAlias value
  • JS-60302 [case 01906277] Reports with parameter name that matches the domain field name do not run on the server
  • JS-59935 Following cascading Input Controls loses its values after selecting 2nd Input Control value
  • JS-60187 Input Control parameter value passed via URL are not effected on drill through report that has query-based input control
  • JS-60169 [case 01902529] 7.8 cascading IC problem with more than 100 items in query
  • JS-60046 Depended cascading input control does not keep its value after updating parent control's value
  • JS-59995 Update MasterPropertiesObfuscator to split propsToEncrypt by a comma
  • JS-60806 [case 01917547] latest hotfix of 7.8.0 breaks edit parameter tab in schedule for some reports
  • JS-60735 [Case #1912641] Ad Hoc View hangs in Dashboard with is-one-of filter
  • JS-60861 [Case #01916103] configs in applicationContext-rest-services.xml result in blank page and javascript console errors upon upgrade to 7.8
  • JS-60707 [Case #1914345] Intermittent P{LoggedInUser}.getTenantId() failure due to collision
  • JS-60758 Visualize.js: chart dashlet hyperlink doesn't work
  • JS-60776 [Case - 01917256 ] Search box text in input control does not clear after clicking reset
  • JS-61020 [case 01922230] Value of incorrect data type gets passed to a cascading control causing previously working queries to not work anymore
  • JS-60751 [Case - 01913590 ] Tibco Maps Hyperlink including path of Jasper Server
  • JS-61191 [case 01926425] Search inside a filter doesn't work in Dashboard
  • JS-61626 [case 01921857] CORS error with CAS server
  • JS-61565 [Case - 01931686 ] Input control filter deselect is working inappropriately in JRS 7.9.0
  • JS-61688 [case 01931789] deselect button in multi-select for report isn't resetting values as of 7.8, 7.9
  • JS-61867 [case 01937391 ] visualize validation regression in 7.8
  • JS-58467 [case 01865644] Javascript validation doesn't allow CTE WITH in the start of queries in Derived tables

Enclosed archives contain further documentation and installation instructions.