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Input Control for Multiselect String parameter

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Hello All,

I have a report which has three sub reports in it and All of them has a Multi select parameter which is String datatype.

when i run the main report it runs fine from studio. but, When i run it from  Server it throws me below error.

Invalid type java.lang.String for parameter glid used in an IN clause; the value must be an array or a collection.

I declared the field as Collection type with String data type. The field which i declared as STRING is varchar field in DB (SQL Server)

Input control : It is single select query ehere VLAUE & LABEL are both the same fields (String field).

Please help me out how to proceed with this kind of issue or where i am doing wrong.





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1) Report "has a Multi select parameter which is String datatype", such as ["USA",...]

2) "Input control : It is single select query", therefore the value is "USA".



Can not use single select input to feed report collection parameter. "USA" -->  ["USA",...], incorrect.



Use MULTI select input control instead.  ["USA",...] -->  ["USA",...]

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