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Add new attribute in jasper server with dynamic value


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Hi jasper master,

                                I am new to jasper , I want one server attribute in jasper server like   name as user and its value should be dynamic  . I reffered the JasperReports-Server-Admin-Guide in that static values only shown . I want dynamic values for the attribute.

value should be user name who logged in the server . is it possible ?

    I am using this attribute in data source definition . I need one data source it should connect different  DB in one(same) server , all  DB names in the server like user names only  and having same entities with different data.

so if one user connected to server I want to access that DB data for report .  hope you understand my problem.

kindly suggest the above



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Although I do not completely understand your requirement here but this link may provide some usefulness in understanding how datasource attributes work. So attribute values can be explicitly defined at either the user profile, organization or server level or inherited. How they are referenced depends on how the attributes are configured in the data source definition 


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