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Create Domain Using Oracel Stored Procedure


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I'm looking forward to use Oracle Stored Procedure to create a Domain in Jasper Reports Server and thereafter create a Ad Hoc View from that Domain. However, i'm unable to find the stored procedure while loading the db schema inside the domain designer. Kindly help.

N.B: I'm a licensed user of the Enterprise Edition of JRS and the difficulty related to Stored procedure has stalled implementation of our project.

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You can create a domain based on tables from data source connection and not stored procedure. You can use stored procedure in an ad hoc topic to return fields you want and then build ad hoc view based on the topic. To create a topic simply create a JRXML with a stored procedure call and then upload that JRXML to the server /ad hoc components/topics location.

If you're a licensed user and your implementation is stalled you probably should contact support instead.

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