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Create a Less privilege Admin role

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Hi All,


I have been searching in the forum for this, but didn't get the exact answer. My requirement is to create a role which should have access to only "Manage Users", but it should have read-only access to repository structure. How to achieve this? I want this in Jasperserver 6.3.0

Thanks in Advance.



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This will require you to create a completely new role and then define where users with the role can navigate to in the actionModel-navigation.xml. The actions that user with the role can take in the repository is defined in actionModel-search.xml. Both XML files can be found in {JRS-WAR}/WEB-INF/.

For more information on this refer to chapter "Customizing Menus" of the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide.

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Hello Narendra

I am wondering if you were successful in getting your new role working as you wanted? I have tried following the instructions as mentioned in the answer, but I am not finding my way thru... could you explain the changes you needed to make in the WEB-INF xml files?

Thanks sincerely,


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