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Relative dates in jrxml controlling null values


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Hi there


Recently I've been trying to implement this option in my report in order to schedule it. 



However when I try to control null values in my date column, the report seems not to work correctly given that actually I am getting registers with this value in null.


I have tested this option in the $X expression but it does not work:


WHERE $X{LESS; COALESCE(column_date,'2100-01-01'); date_parameter} 


Is there anything else that I could try?



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i don't think you can use the SQL functions in the $X{} clause. It's $X{Function; Field_name; Parameter_name}. Field_name needs to be something identifyable for the compiler, it can't identify the functions. The $X{} clause is made to avoid the specifics of certain database engines about how they require different operations to be coded. Adding extra functions there removes the whole purpose of this.

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