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Can anyone explain to me how I go about calling reports using php and web services. I've found numerous articles telling me about this great capability but absolutely nothing about how to implement it!!


Please, please, please I really need to find out how to do this.



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The jasperserver/jasperintelligence 1.0 web services has gotten out of date for the php sample application. It relied on AXIS 1.3. Meanwhile we are supporting web services for iReport using AXIS 2.0 (that works cleanly for attachments).


We want to migrate the sample app to use the same web services format that iReport is currently using (there is some discussion of this in the User guide document).


If you would like to look at the older php sample app, it is available in the following download zip: jasperserver-ws-0.9.2_03.zip


This has the sample app along with an installation doc in the docs directory.



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thank you for your quick response.


What sort of timescale are we looking at regarding the updated version of the sample application?


I really need to find a good reporting package and feel that Jasper fits the bill. Is there any other avenue that I could follow regarding php integration? We are about to purchase Zend Platform which has a java bridge. Excuse my ignorance but is it possible to directly call the jasper java api using this? Problem is I have absolutely no java experience whatsoever.


I contacted someone at jaspersoft.com who said that they could offer tailored training. Would they just run into the same problems?



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