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JasperServer Error, resource not found at: subreport


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Hello people,

I’m having this problem, happens that I created a Report with Jasper Studio with also several sub reports.

Everything is working fine when I’m in Jasper Studio, but once I try to deploy the report with the sub-reports at Jasper Server, I get this problem:

Resource not found at: subreport.jrxml.

I’ve seen many posts talking about this problem, but all of them are from people who used IReport to generate their reports. So if someone could help me to understand why this’s happening, I would really appreciated.

Thank you!


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This is how I work:

  1. Create subreport file in a independent jrmxl resource file.
  2. Once this works, copy and paste as link in the Report Unit where you go to use the subreport
  3. Inside Report Unit, create a subreport component and reference it with "repo: WHOLE NAME IN LINK CREATED BEFORE"

I had created all my subreports like this and works perfectly.


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