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How to search for all occurrences of some text across all Report Units in a Jaspersoft Server instance?


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One way to do this I found is if I double click on the main_jrxml for each report so that a copy of it is created in my workspace.  Then I can use the Eclipse search all feature to search all files in my workspace for all instances of some text using ctrl + H.  It was just kind of a pain to get a copy of each report in my workspace.  It would be nice if I could just identify what I wanted without having to do this step.

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If you are an admin user on the jasper server,

  1. try to export all the reports by
  2. right click on the Reports folder and
  3. click export and
  4. extract the zip file to some folder
  5. From here you could search the contents of the file folder.

One good thing about this process is that any table being used in the parameters will also show up.

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