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Rows are staggered in Excel

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I am using Jaspersoft Studio to generate an Excel report. The final Excel file always shows extra blank lines between rows. It also puts certain rows on two combined Excel rows and staggers certain rows in Excel. How can I format the report so the Excel file needs no formatting (meaning each row in Jaspersoft is on exactly one row in Excel)?

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The solution suggested by robsil would actually work upto the extent when all the data in a particular column in excel does not exceed the width alloted.

But in order to make your excel full proof and the flawless, I would suggest that you can follow these things.

1. Make sure that all the text fields in the detail band have the height same to each of them preferred in case of excel only output.

2. To apply the the word wrap functionality you will have to make following properties true found in the property pane.

   - Stretch Type (found under appearance)  for all the text feilds in the detail band should be made Relative to the tallest object, so that all the fields stretch according to max width column so that uniformity prevails.

   - Check the box Stretch with overflow (found under the text field in properties) , this will ensure that all the data in the text field gets printed.

Hope that this helps!!



Ankur Gupta




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