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Need help to code PRINTE EXPRESSION , and not being a JAVA coder I dont know how.


IF fieldA starts with 'A' OR fieldB starts with 'B' OR fieldc starts with 'C"


This is what i coded but its not working:

Boolean.valueOf($F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Deglyc"))//Boolean.valueOf($F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Glyc"))//Boolean.valueOf($F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "WB"))

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Close!  I'll give you the statement in 2 passes... first is paraphrased for readability...

Boolean.valueOf( <STATEMENT1> || <STATEMENT2> || <STATEMENT3>)

where <STATEMENT1> is $F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Deglyc") etc. etc.


So total answer would be:

Boolean.valueOf($F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Deglyc") || $F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Glyc") || $F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "WB"))


I'd have to test... but this should work also...

OR($F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Deglyc") ,$F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "Glyc"),$F{U_TYPE}.startsWith( "WB"))


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