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Get the Group Header in All Pages


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Hello Everybody Im using Jasper iReport 5.6.0 and what Im looking for is to get in group header a value that change, lest called it VALUE1 but I want that this group header to be my Page header, and when this VALUE1 change I want that the Page restart in a new page and that the new group header be in all the page till VALUE1 change again.

I have tried putting to my group "Reprint Header" and  "Start on a new page" but when I upload it to my Apex app, the header is print double, and when I dont get it in "Reprint header" the Header just print once, in the first page of the "new start page" .


What can I do I have to upgrade my iREPORT? Can someone give me a link where I can upgrade it or a code for the "Print When Expresion"?



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If you are looking to print each group  only once on starting on new page then you can use ignore pagination on report properties and a page break at start of group header.

If you need to print group header on every page then Reprint header property should do that.  Start on new page property should start the next group in a new page.

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