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Time-series Chart - Drilldown does not work to another report


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Have created a time series report. That chart works fine but when I try to create a Hyperlink to a detail report it does not work. In fact the data i enter in the Hyperlink section of the Timeseries is never saved to the JRXML file. Does time-series chart NOT support Hyperlink ?

If it does, how can I set the hyper link correctly in the timeseries chart where person can click thru for detail on any data point...A screenshot of my report is attached.

I am using the community edition of Jaspersoft. and Jaspersoft Studio 6.1.0



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You will have to show how you are creating the hyperlink or setting up the hyperlink?  
Why is it not working? Does it give you an error or does it not work at all. 

Also you can make use of the developer console of the browser and have a look at the network tab. You can view the objects in the http header requests.
In the object (json), a hyperlink reference will be include if hyperlink is correclty setup in your reports. 
Also you could view if there are any console error when selecting hyperlink.

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I am unable to create the Hyperlink as it does not save it in the jrxml.

I am in Jaspersoft studio and I select the Time series in the bottom left Design pane and click on view properties. In the properties window on the right bottom, I tried to set the Hyper link and the _report . It allows me to set it but when I try to save the report it does not save and the properties dissappear. Upon uploading to server also the properties were missing, so I noticed they are never saved.

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