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subreport's border

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By: Tzanko - tsanstef

subreport's border

2002-06-20 06:55

hi teodor,

Thank you for your response. I still do not agree that t1."name" as payee is incorrect. It simply works fine. Also even after removing the '' from t0."date"<'$P{..}' it did not work. The problem as I notified you was in the fact that the preparestatement did not setNull correctly. Anyway. I hope I am not becomming a pain in the ....


Thank you!




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: subreport's border

2002-06-20 07:14




From the message subject I guess you wanted

to say something about the border around

the subreports.


Yes, this a little bug solved by the JRFillSubreport

patch provided.

There shouldn't be any border around subreports.


And don't worry, you are not a pain ...


Thank you,





By: Tzanko - tsanstef

subreport's gap

2002-06-20 08:11

Hi Teodor,

yes the patch works - it removes the borders.

however there is a gap/padding that goes with each subreport. I put a line in the begining and the end of each subreport. Thus I find out that the master report places sort of space above and under each subreport. Any Ideas?




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE2: subreport's border

2002-06-20 08:16




Check the subreport page margins.

They should be set to zero if you don't want

to have any space around the subreport.


I hope this helps.


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