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evaluationTime="Report" not working right?

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By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

evaluationTime="Report" not working right?

2002-03-22 10:07



When I try to use the following on a multi-page report, the field does not display at all, on any page. The idea was to have the information print on every page except the first:


<textField evaluationTime="Report">

<reportElement ...>


new Boolean($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() != 1)







If I change the expression to "x == 0", "x == 1" or "x > 1", the field still doesn't print. However, "x > 0" prints the field on every page.


It looks like the printWhenExpression is evaluated "Now", even when the field's evaluationTime="Report", which makes sense, but that the field only prints if the printWhenExpression evaluates to true every time.


Am I doing something wrong, or is there a work-around?






By: Filip Tomisic - brlja77

RE: evaluationTime="Report" not working right?

2002-03-26 00:48


I use following work-around:

<textField evaluationTime="Report">

<reportElement x="450" y="30" width="15" height="20">


<textElement textAlignment="Left">

<font size="10"/>


<textFieldExpression class="java.lang.Integer">





<reportElement x="450" y="30" width="15" height="20" forecolor="#FFFFFF" backcolor="#FFFFFF">

<printWhenExpression>new Boolean($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() == 1)</printWhenExpression>


<graphicElement stretchType="NoStretch"/>



Simply, putting a background colored rectangle on a same position but with <printWhenExpression>new Boolean($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.intValue() == 1)</printWhenExpression> will overwrite textfield on first page.

Not an elegant solution, but it works.



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: evaluationTime="Report" not working right?

2002-06-12 04:08




This bug was corrected in the new 0.3.2 version.


Thank you,


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