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By: Rene Lieb - renelieb


2002-06-10 09:23

I have to create a Report containing 3 independent (sub)reports. The problem is, that the subreports do not depend on any data. The masterreport is just something like a container of these 3 subreports with the following structure:


Masterreport (title, footer, ...)

- Subreport 1

- Subreport 2

- Subreport 3


Any suggestion how to solve this problem?



By: Adrian Faur - afaur

Empty reports

2002-06-10 14:47



You have previously responded to this issue:


"This is not a simple problem.

It's not clear what sections should we print

if we have no records in the data source.

This is why for the moment we print nothing.


Maybe someone would want to have also the group

headers and footers printed.


I suggest you test the number of records before

generating the report or test the JasperPrint object

for content before viewing it. "


As you suggested I will test the report output before

Returning it to client. Eventually will use an html page specially designed for these cases.


I would suggest printing all but data rows, like any other report tool. Reporting a zero total is within the business meaning of Sum computation. Suppressing it has a totally different one and unexpected. This is what a user expects to see anyway, and is this acceptance criteria that makes him an  educated user . Raw data exists in DataSource, report will format it for a particulary business meaning.If no raw data available, report will still keep the format, as the reason of its existence.



Adrian Faur



By: Adrian Faur - afaur

RE: Subreports

2002-06-10 14:55

Rene, sorry, for posting within your thread, it was not in my intention.

( Strange enough, they also relate).





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Subreports

2002-06-11 03:39




Maybe you will find what you need here:




Good luck!


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