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Chart Drill down Report, not sowing Sub Report by clicking on Chart Slice?

Ravi Kumar

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Hi all,

i am unable to get the sub report when i click on Chart Slice(Pie chart).

here is my Requirement,

i am showing Counry wise Presidents Count on a Pie chart, when i click on chart slice i need to show one more report (Means it is a drilldown Report). i am using CountryId(Integer) as Parameter for second Report.






i used input control for second Report (CountryId), 






and in chart Data i have done some settings like as follows, 








is there any other settings do i need to do? please let me know any solutions or any approach for this. 

and also i am unable to preview the report in IReport designer.



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These are the best explainations that i have come accross and would suggest you to follow the same;

1) http://jasper-bi-suite.blogspot.in/2014/04/drill-down-functionality-example-on.html

2) http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/how-do-i-set-chart-hyperlinks-html5-charts

To summarize;

  • Edit Chart Properties->Chart Data->Data Axes
  • Under Categories, click to add/modify the one you want
  • Click the properties tab, and then "Add"
  • Give a name, such as "myUrl" and then enter the URL and close it
  • Under measure, select the one you want to link and click Hyperlink
  • Double click each to edit as you wish

Hope this helps,

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