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HELP-PDF Problems

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By: coolman - sasstealth

HELP-PDF Problems

2002-06-05 07:46

I'm fairly new at this so can someone plz tell me why after I convert the Jasper report to a pdf file I get an error saying that the file cannot be opened because it has no pages. I am trying to display a data base from a SQL server. Even a simple query such as "select user from table" and I know that the table has users in them. Thanks



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: HELP-PDF Problems

2002-06-05 08:04




This usually happens when there are no rows

in your data source.


Try to generate the report in XML format

(.jrpxml file) to see if it really contains at least

one page (element <page>).

If you have already generated it in .jrprint format,

have you successfully viewed it with the JasperReports viewer?


I hope this helps.





By: coolman - sasstealth

RE: HELP-PDF Problems

2002-06-05 08:30

sorry but can you tell me how do I generate the report in xml format and how to use jasperreports viewer? thanks



By: coolman - sasstealth

RE: HELP-PDF Problem

2002-06-05 11:38

I have tried your suggestion and it tells me that it contains no pages which I already know, but shouldn't it display the title and the headers? and how come when i change it back to Jasper version 2.0.1 it works fine? Thanks



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE2: HELP-PDF Problems

2002-06-06 05:53




Things were different back in the 0.2.1 version.

The library was almost entirely rewritten since then.


It not easy to decide whether we should print only

the title section when there are no rows in the data


Shouldn't we also print the summary, the page and

column headers and footers?

What about the group headers and footers?


If it were to print those sections and they would

contain text fields that display data from the

database, we would have a lot of "null" in our



Furthermore, if we would create at least one page

even the data source was empty, we wouldn't know

that because the document already contains


If someone wants to display a special document

when the report generation fails due to missing

data, he wouldn't know that.


Check this message thread for a solution to your





Thank you,


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