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I'm attempting to connect my existing report to a remote XML/A server in JasperServer. It's working in Jasper Studio, but when I try to choose my XML/A connection as a data source in Jasper Server, it doesn't let me pick my existing XML/A connection.

I've found examples of OLAP views and Ad Hoc views that can connect with my XML/A connection, but I can't figure out how to make a standard report connect.

If it matters we're using the AWS edition of JasperServer

Any help is appreciated!

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It probably does not let you pcik the data source from repository (how to fix: put your XML/A connection in the 'right' folder on server: 'Root-> Analysis Component -> Analysis Connections' then it shows up.


You can always add it afterwards like this; Go to report unit -> Edit -> Datasources ->Select your XML/A connection -> Save

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