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  1. Yeh, first of all since your new try to work with Jaspersoft Studio (iReport won't be supported for long). And I think you are right, ad new band is better for a List item, since the page header is meant for showing info on top of each page in your report, I would try to make a new band for the List so that it'll show properly
  2. Hi Guys, Have a questions regarding page numbering in a report book. Point is: I have a client that does name-giving of page numbers like this: Chapter 1, page 6 (4th page that chapter) = 1-4Chapter 2, page 12 (3th page that chapter) = 2-3etc.Now, it's possible to make it happen with al different reports in the Content-section, but How do I display this pages/properties in the table of contents? The report book supports some method that gives that bookmark-names back, but uses the $V{MASTER_CURRENT_PAGE} to print the page number. How could I show the page-numbers that are actually beneath the pages of the bookmark? Please let me know, struggle with this one. Regards, Gert
  3. HI Guys, Every now and then in a table something strange happens. After copy + paste or editing a static text a sort of box goes ariound it (see screenshot, the box is around static text with '28' in it) and makes in impossible to edit. Fixes are: Deletnig the elementConvert to text field and Convert back to static textRestart Jaspersoft Studio.Of course those are workarounds, what do I do wrong? Or anyone understands what goes wrong? Regards, Gert
  4. If you go to the expression editor and then go to 'Build-in Functions' you see al the functions and what they return. If you doubleclick on a function it shows you what type of arguments it needs. For example: Add 'AND( ) ' in the expression editor, and you click between the brackets '( )', it tells you it can have arguments (1-7) and if you hover over the asterix, it tells you that it needs 'a boolean expression or value' Also this link helps: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/functions/FunctionsReport.pdf
  5. Hozawa is right, I use Git which is a good alternative to SVN and also integrated in Eclipse.
  6. Yes this can be done with JasperReport with 1 page and the help of 1 table and 1 subreport. Main query (dataset): Here you should make a query and GROUP BY Customer. This way it returns X (is amount of customers) record, and the whole report is repeated X times. Table on first page: You have to define table on the first page. As parameter you should send the 'Customer' and then make a query for that tables that returns all the invoices of that parameter (Customer). If you preview now, you'll see page 1 and page 4 (from your example) Subreport on second page Now you place a subreport on the second page. As parameter you give it 'Customer' as well, and you could use the same query: it returns the report as many times as there are records in teh result. Good luck with it
  7. Hi Guys, Where can I find a complete overview of all available properties of Jasperserver/JSS? I know this site : http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/config.reference.html but it lacks the 'net.sf.jasperreports.json.source ' as example. And of some properties it's not clear how to use them. As example this one (http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/config.reference.html#net.sf.jasperreports.file.repository.resolve.absolute.path) that makes me believe that it's possible to give an alternative path to an image or source (super handy when switching between JSS and server). But it sais: NOTE: By default, this property is not read from the report context. This FAQ shows the additional steps to follow in order to set it on and get it from the report context.
  8. It probably does not let you pcik the data source from repository (how to fix: put your XML/A connection in the 'right' folder on server: 'Root-> Analysis Component -> Analysis Connections' then it shows up. You can always add it afterwards like this; Go to report unit -> Edit -> Datasources ->Select your XML/A connection -> Save
  9. Don't know if you tried this, but maybe you'haven't enabled page footer on summary page? Enable like this: Report -.> PropertiesGo to tab 'Report'Enable 'Summary With Page Header And Footer'Hope this does the trick..
  10. Hi all, Recently I discovered this problem, that occurs when you have a report that has an image as background and try to export it to Word. If you put some text in a detail that overlays the image, the image is not shown at all. Can someone tell me what to do to show the image (or text probably like 'SAMPLE' in background) even if the document itself contains text (which is pretty much purpose of Jasper). Replicate by Adding backgroundPut image in itAdd text in some detail (lot of text that fills the page)Preview (does work in Java preview)Export to word: Image is goneIs already asked before but I couldn't find an answer (https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/537027/word-report-generation-background-image-using-jasper-reports-or-word-report)
  11. Solved it, reference to: https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/800720/how-access-property-expressions Request a report propertie with following expression: $P{JASPER_REPORT}.getProperty("ireport.jasperserver.report.resource") Then some concatenating to do but that's no showstopper. I am wondering though, where I can find all properties of the aJasper Report (ireport.jasperserver.xx.xx etc.)
  12. You should 'register' functions in both jasperreports_extension.properties file and the jasperreports_messages.properties file that can be located in your custom function folder. You'll need version 6.0.3 btw as well, before that version there was some trouble with those functions see http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/3972 Rebooting sometimes fixes the problem in older versions. If it doesn't work, you can try to manipulate the excisting functions (change content etc. so it does what you want and then change is step by step; did help/learn me a lot ). Good luck!
  13. Is there a parameter which I can use in my report that returns me the parent-folders / directory of the location on the server? I need this so that my report does a request based on the location of the report. Example: (server location report1)reportsaccreport_unit1 (report-unit)report1.jrxmlShould have a textfield like (www.acc-website.com/picture.png)And: (server location report1)reportslivereport_unit1 (report-unit)report1.jrxmlShould have a textfield like ((www.live-website.com/picture.png)
  14. I don't know. Could it be you didn't add the parameter up front?
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