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about lib\*.jar

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By: popstar - popstar

about lib*.jar

2002-05-23 21:35


can you tell me in jasperreportslib*.jar,every .jar files different function ? why Copy the tools.jar file to this directory?

when and where we use these .jar files?i can't sure about it ,if you know ,please tell me ,thanks





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: about lib*.jar

2002-05-24 01:54









These 4 jar files are used to parse XML in JasperReports.

This includes parsing the XML report design when

compiling, viewing it in the JasperDesignViewer

and parsing and viewing XML generated reports.


iText.jar (or versions of it)


This file is used to generate PDF documents.




This is used to compile the reports designs.

If report designs are compiled only at development

time (recommended), it is not necessary to deploy

it with your application.

In fact, since 0.3.1, it is not necessary to deploy it

at all since the library will call the javac command

line program to compile the report if it does not find

it in the classpath.


No other jar files are required by JasperReports,

but maybe there are other files required by your

own application that uses JasperReports.


Good luck!


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