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Invalid content was found starting with element 'span'. No child element is expected at this point.


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Hi all,

      I'm configuring jasper report server with exsisting active derectory ldap.When I'm running jasper server there is a error in log related to userSearch bean.

Error :cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element 'span'. No child element is expected at this point.

Error is occured red hilighted two lines.

My configurations are here:

<bean id="ldapAuthenticationProvider"
      <constructor-arg><ref local="ldapContextSource"/></constructor-arg>
      <property name="userDnPatterns">
          <value>CN={0},OU=IT Service Accounts</value>
  <property name="userSearch" ref="userSearch"/>   
<bean id="ldapContextSource"
  <constructor-arg value="ldap://,DC=com?sAMAccountName?sub?(objectClass=*)" />
  <property name="userDn"><value>CN=FusionUsr,DC=LOLC,DC=com</value></property>
  <property name="password"><value>Fu$@1234</value></property>
 <bean id="userSearch"
  <constructor-arg index="0"><value><span class="Forceful">OU=LOITS</span></value></constructor-arg>
  <constructor-arg index="1"><value><span class="Forceful">(sAMAccountName={0})</span></value></constructor-arg>
  <constructor-arg index="2"><ref local="ldapContextSource"/></constructor-arg>
  <property name="searchSubtree"><value>true</value></property>


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